Spring is the time of year when you see a lot of car shows roll into town.  Vintage cars always evoke a sense of nostalgia.  Older guys stop and remanence as if they have been suddenly jerked back to their youth.  A smile begins to spread across their face as they tick off the stats of their favorite old gal in rapid fire succession.  Hot rods, Rat rods, Model A’s, stock cars all have their fans and followers.   There’s no surprise that a vintage car club would gather near a stadium or sports event.  Members of the club often started out as jocks who worked on cars during the summers and on weekends with their dad and friends.  Now the memories they have of their youth are fading, but this Memorial Day provides an excellent opportunity to bring back some of them.  You can do so by purchasing a hat from the premier shop for branded headwear – Lids.  And you can take it a step further and shop Groupon first, then use the money saving coupons they offer to buy back just enough of a thought provoking hat to tickle a smile out of your loved one.

One young man had the bright idea to look up the names of his grandfather’s car club members on one of those social media sites and surprised him with a Skype call for his birthday.  The fellas had a ball going down memory lane.  They laughed about the pranks they pulled, the points they scored, the girls they stole from each other and the sorrow they felt at friends who were long gone.  Prior to the start of the call, the grandson surprised him with a cap from Lids that had the team logo of his college baseball team.  The other guys admired it so much he had to tell them about getting one from Lids using Groupon.

A team logo makes you feel part of a larger community.  The further away from home you get, the more meaningful it is when someone recognizes it.  It makes for an instant bond lifts the spirits even if just a moment.

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